Thank you for your contribution Dan. A large part of time spent on Twitter is wasted. Three things have depressed me. First, how angry so many people are. Second, how that anger formulates their 'values, attitudes and beliefs'. And third, how immutable we all are and how that turn many of us to bash the opposition. It's disheartening. However, your thoughts are refreshing, interesting, well-thought out and trustworthy. Hard currency to find thee days. Glad to help.

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Thanks for an interesting read, as always. Some of the general misunderstandings about AI would be cleared up if it's limits were better understood, and we thought carefully about the fact that it's not really "intelligent" and never will be (in the sense that we currently use that word). For instance,

"ChatGPT, Lobster Gizzards, and Intelligence"


It is a great tool, to be sure, but it's a tool created by people and monitored by people. Like any tool, it can be used wisely or foolishly. I hope we choose the former. Thank you again for your post. Sincerely, Frederick

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