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Keeping Score

A Christmas Potpourri

Drones Are An Old Story

A Brief History of Making Love

How Are We Going To Learn From Covid?

When Bowie Met Lennon

Yes, Adolf Hitler was Time's Man of the Year

It's a Random, Uncertain, Unpredictable Life

Theatre of the Absurd

The Golden Years: 1976

The Golden Years: 1994

Let's Get Explicit

The Golden Years: 1999

Thomas Edison, Sucker

Technology = Experience

Clocks and Perceptions

The Uncertainty Illusion

Beware the Rising Asian Colossus...

The Perils of Predicting Technology

Russia and the Curse of Oil

My Next Book. And My Next Next Book.

What Didn't Happen

It's Highly Probable You'll Read This

Back In My Day...

The Pope liked his wine. And his cocaine.

How Harding Stopped Hitler

Thomas Edison Blew It

Beware the Hedgehog

My True and Authentic Self in Conversation

The Limits of Stupidity

In Praise of Ken Burns

Her Majesty

What Would You Have Done?

Why We Mourn

Quest for Dead Presidents

Free for a limited time only!

Emancipation Day

Heroes and Villains Should Stick to Comic Books

Edison's Infamous Questions

The Modern Nonagenarian

Longer Lives, Faster Times

Believing Requires More Than Seeing

The Psychology of Uncertainty

Racism in the Early 20th Century

Conservative Bolsheviks

Polyester and Pessimism

History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy...

The Saddest War Story

A Better Way To Deal With The Past

Should You Have Children?

Remembering the Atomic Dream

The Past Is A Foreign Country

Remember the Gerber Baby

Hitler And The Study Of History

What Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me

Miscellany for the Masses

That 70s Show

History and the News

A Victoria Day Ramble

Utterly Useless Information

White Hat or Black Hat?

The Russian Who Saw It Coming

How to be The Perfect Pundit

Eisenhower and the Pentagon

Requiem for a Dream

What Would FDR Do?

Revisiting The Gospel of Wealth

Technology and the Power of Words

The Wild Improbability of This Moment

Piketty and the Uses of History

Old and Useless

Preparing For An Unpredictable World

The Past is a Foreign Country

Don't Let David Brooks Get You Down

The Future of Footwear

Moral Progress Is Real

An Atrocity Far Away

Echoes of Katyn

Ukraine's Memorial to John Howard

In Praise of Odd Memorials

Sticking With The Pigeon


Statues Have Their Own Histories

An Atomic Counterfactual

The Case for Collective Security

When Tech Was The Cat's Pajamas

How Many Presidents Can You Recall?

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On Russia and Risk

The Consolations of History

"The World Is Flat" Revisited

The Past is a Foreign Country

War on Analogies

Getting Used to Covid

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"Starved of History"

Solving a Problem With No Solution

Naming and Renaming Streets

All Too Human

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